About Nordic Impact Week

This impact tour-movement has been created in order to accelerate business opportunities, social innovation, environmental improvement and leadership for a wiser world. On the tour, you will meet with fantastic people from all over the world, participate in SOCAP17, join workshops, trainings and do study visits around San Francisco. We have put some extra effort into bridging the Nordics and Silicon Valley as many International people have requested to meet and hear more about latest innovations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and other parts of northern Europe. This is a global movement with no boundaries when it comes to presentation or pitching what is happening in your organisation, business, region or city.

The amazing support from our Advisory Board (who also are attending the trip(!)) is coming from:
Kevin Jones, Founder SOCAP
Ingrid Stange, Founder Partnership for Change
Truls Berg, General Secretary Innovation Forum Norway
Shaun Paul, Impact Investor
Helene Vogelmann, CEO Lund University Open Innovation Center
Leif Edvinsson, Professor and Founder The New Club of Paris

And here are the organisers of this years tour:


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