Happy Holidays from us to you and your family, see you in 2017 for;


The Journey of your life.

7 days and 7 nights. Work hard and play hard.

Meet, do business and network with the most Inspiring and fun people from the Nordics, San Francisco and the world. When? Silicon Valley for One week, October 6-14th 2017 – “Nordic Impact Week”.

This impact tour has been created in order to accelerate business opportunities, social innovation, environmental improvement and leadership for a wiser world.

On the tour, you will meet with fantastic people from all over the world, participate in SOCAP (www.socialcapitalmarkets.net), join workshops, trainings and do study visits around San Francisco.

We invite you all to participate in this global movement, however, we have put some extra effort into bridging the Nordics, Europe and Silicon Valley.

Wanna join? email to info@nordicsgosocap.org